Vines can be a lovely addition to your yard. They offer shade, screen and shelter. Many have colorful blooms; some have a lovely fragrance. Some will even provide edible fruit. Train vines on a fence or trellis for screening purposes, or shade a patio or an arbor with them. Vines are particularly useful in an area where you don’t want deep roots like those of most trees.

Buy or build an arbor to suit your personality or that of your garden. You may choose rustic with cedar posts or formal with painted or stained, treated wood. Be sure to consider maintenance when choosing your design.

Most vines should be started in the spring since nurseries offer the best selection at that time and they will be established before hot weather. Most vines are fast growing and will cover the frame in one or two years.

A few good choices of perennial vines are wisteria, Lady Banks rose, potato vine, Carolina jessamine, grapes, trumpet vine, coral or gold honeysuckle, and climbing roses. Annual vine choices include morning glory, moon vine and cypress vine, all of which can be economically started from seed.

Pat Lewis, Smith County Master Gardener
Texas AgriLife Extension Service

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