To ensure the repeated bloom and vigorous growth of roses in your landscape, proper care must be provided. Timely fertilizer and pesticide applications, adequate water and proper pruning will keep them healthy and blooming.

Fertilize your plants every six to eight weeks with a complete fertilizer formulated for roses, making the last application of the season no later than Sept. 1. Keep granular fertilizers off leaves and canes.

Weekly fungicide applications will control powdery mildew and black spot. Always apply according to label directions.

Watch closely for pests and react quickly to destroy them, using pesticide labeled for roses and according to directions.

Apply chemical sprays in the early morning or late evening in order to avoid leaf burn from the direct sun.

Roses require about an inch of water per week per bush. Watering bushes during dry periods will ensure continuous flowering during the growing season. Mulch to conserve water, cool the soil and discourage weeds.

Remove spent blooms to keep plants blooming and encourage new growth. Prune dead or diseased canes and suckers anytime they occur, but do not prune severely in the summer.

Robin Wright Brumbelow, Smith County Master Gardener
Texas AgriLife Extension Service

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