The Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (Brunsfelsia pauciflora) bush is unique, beautiful and native to the Brazilian woodlands. I have seen this plant for several years and have been totally intrigued at the three colors on the same plant at the same time. I did not know what it was called, and only found out at last spring’s Home Garden Tour.

The first flowers are purple, turning pale lavender and finally to white. The pansy-like flowers have white throats and are about 2 inches wide. The leaves are leathery and semi-evergreen. The color change is what has given this plant its name, and its popularity.

The plant is relatively easy to grow with a slightly acidic soil and average watering. In the Texas hot sun, plants would perform at their best if given some afternoon shade. It usually grows from 4-7 ft. tall, with flowers in early spring into the summer. The blooms are very colorful, prolific and fragrant. It can take some slight pruning to keep its shape, but is a very easy and care-free plant to have in your garden.

Several varieties are available: ‘Eximia’ is the most typical form and usually referred to as the yesterday-today-and-tomorrow. Floribunda Compacta is smaller with more abundant flowers. Macrantha has larger flowers and is lacking the white throat. WARNING: Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow contains poisonous alkaloids. The berries are especially toxic and poisonous to animals.

This plant will be a real conversation piece in the garden.

Eloise Muxworthy, Smith County Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

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