What better says renewal or paradise than spring flowers? To have more for less you can try broadcasting annual seed. For fine seed, mix it with copious amounts of sand or sugar and broadcast in areas where there is bare or exposed soil. Seeds in this category would include red flax, globe amaranth, celiosa, nicotiana and sweet alyssum. Try to do this when a rain front is approaching.

Some annuals do better when fall sown. They will sprout, develop a “rosette” and patiently wait for warming spring, ready to jump start. Seeds in this category would include larkspur, bluebonnet, fire wheel, toadflax, and all kinds of annual poppies. The annuals mentioned do well in both clay and sandy soil with the possible exception of bluebonnets. If you grow bluebonnets on clay soil, be sure it is very well drained.

The pride of having grown your own flowers will only enhance their beauty.

Barbara Null, Smith County Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Posted in Annuals