There is now a faster, easier, and far more productive way to garden, called wide-row gardening. Practicing wide-row gardening makes your garden space more efficient.

Rows are made like blocks-one, two, three, or even four feet wide. Planting time is reduced because you broadcast seeds instead of placing each one individually. Weeding time is reduced because the rows are planted densely and the closely grown crops smother out weeds.

Watering time is also cut down because shady areas hold more moisture than sunny ones, and naturally, yields are higher because there is simply more growing per square foot.

Another benefit of wide-row planting is the natural competition it creates among the plants. They are all trying to get as much sun, water, and food as possible. The strongest plants gain a slight edge over the others, allowing them to mature somewhat faster. These are the plants you can harvest first; and once you do harvest, you end some of the competition, thus enabling the rest of the plants in your wide-row to mature.

Ellen R. Devers, former Smith County Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Posted in Vegetables