Winter is a very good time to look objectively at your yard and plan ahead for “greener” months. For example, you may be struggling to grow lawn grass in difficult or shady areas. Consider using a groundcover to add interest to your landscape while also reducing your lawn maintenance requirements.

There are several things to consider in selecting a groundcover: sunlight requirements, color, texture, growing height, hardiness and invasiveness of the plant Numerous choices are available for East Texas. Some recommended groundcovers are ajuga, Asiatic jasmine, English ivy, ferns, juniper, Liriope, and vinca. Your favorite nursery should be able to help you make a
selection that will be right for your yard.

A very helpful list of plants is included in the publication “Outstanding Landscape Plants for Northeast Texas,” available free of charge from the Smith County office of Texas Cooperative Extension located at 1517 W. Front Street Suite 116, Tyler 75702. This list includes ground covers, vines shrubs, and small and large trees which are proven performers for the Tyler area. Leading horticulturists, growers and nurserymen from throughout this region provided input for this list.

Ed & Jo Helen McGee, Smith County Master Gardeners
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

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