Early spring is a good time to tend to the plants we typically use as ground covers or borders for our planting beds. A little shaping up now will have them looking good for the growing season.

Liriope and monkey grass can be cut back now with your lawn mower set on high or with your string trimmer (take care around tree trunks). Cutting these plants back will remove any dead tips and let in needed sunlight and oxygen to help the plants put on new growth.

This is also a good time to divide some of these plants if you want to start another border or ground cover area or want to share your plants with a gardening friend. Just dig up clumps, pull or cut them apart (being sure to keep healthy roots on each section) and replant. The division will double your investment and does no harm to the plants.

Other ground covers, such as Asian Jasmine, may also be cut back now but are more difficult to divide.

Finish up with a deep watering of the areas you’ve trimmed or any new beds you’ve created. Then apply a good layer of mulch to help conserve water and protect the plants from temperature extremes.

Pat Vickery, former Smith County Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

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