Here is an idea for those with young children or, in my case, grandchildren. Purchase a bag or a box of crocus corms from your favorite nursery or garden center and spend some quality time with those 2-6 year olds. They love to dig, and with a little help, they can plant these early blooming flowers and have a great time outdoors.

If you want, you can prepare some of the holes ahead of time and let the children place the corms in the holes. This is a little less messy, but definitely cuts into some of the “fun” factor. It also ensures that the corms are evenly spaced if that is an issue for you.

This activity is most successful when done in the fall, but my youngest grandchildren and I have done this in early January and they will grow. We planted them around my wife’s favorite tree so that she can see them from the kitchen window. Several years ago, I did this same activity with my two oldest grandchildren. They planted the crocus corms along our driveway and each year they still enjoy watching for the plants to bloom. Planting in a particular area will add to the joy as the children (and grandparents) see “their” plants come up year after year and recall gardening with you.

Brooks Kerr, Smith County Master Gardner
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Posted in Youth Gardening