Make your yard a discovery place for your children. Go there together and look at the different colored and different shaped leaves, look at the veins, and feel the rough or smooth edges of the leaves. Look under the rocks for living creatures. See how many you can find. Watch the worms crawl, the pill bugs roll-up. Watch the crickets and grasshoppers hop. Encourage your children to start observing and collecting things of nature. Sit down and watch the wind blow the grass. Watch the clouds drift by, and see if you can make shapes out of the clouds. Listen to the birds singing, and watch as they fly from branch to branch. Notice their different colors. These discoveries can stir the beginnings of a new gardener, scientist or artist. You can create a fun learning experience and memories of times spent together. Your yard can be a wonderful world waiting for you and your children to discover.

Kay Chambers, Smith County Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Posted in Youth Gardening