What is the one thing most people hate about gardening? At the top of my list are the grimy hands and dirty, split, broken fingernails I used to get after a few hours of weeding or planting.

Like most gardeners, I like the feel of dirt on my hands as I dig for the pesky roots of the Bermuda Grass that has invaded my flower bed. But I don’t like the way my hands look after pulling all those interlopers! I tried everything from a silicone lotion “guaranteed” to protect one’s hands while doing the toughest gardening chores, to canvas gloves, to wearing cotton gloves under those slippery neoprene gloves — all in vain. At least until I stumbled upon — in of all places, the local discount store — some cotton jersey gloves, the fingers and palms of which had been dipped in some sort of vinyl. Unlike the smooth-surfaced gloves I’ve tried before, these bright green gloves have a textured surface that grips those uncooperative weeds and enables the gardener to pull them from the soil with relative ease. The protective surface also prevents moisture and mud from seeping through the gloves onto my hands.

Look for these wonder gloves — I cannot give you a brand name, but I will give you a hint: They are made by a well-known glove manufacturer. I wish you happy gardening and clean fingernails!

Ann Rosson, former Smith County Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

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