The overuse of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides can greatly harm our environment by, among other things, polluting rivers, streams and ground water. Turn your thinking, instead, to products that are more environmentally friendly. Homeowners and professionals in the landscape and agriculture industries can all get involved in reducing the amount of toxic chemicals released into our environment.

Growing plants using organic techniques has been in practice as long as man has cultivated the soil. The primary principle behind organic practices is to improve the condition of the soil itself. As we build up our soil using organic matter, we will have healthier plants that are less likely to have diseases. Returning soil to a natural balance can help reverse damage that’s been done by prior chemical use.

More than ever before, organic materials are on the market at prices we can afford. Organic fertilizers for turf grasses and other plants are readily available locally. Resistance to many diseases results from the use of organic products containing the cytokinin-type hormones. Some products in this category include BioformTM, MedinaTM, AgriGroTM, seaweed, and AgrisponTM. These are just a few products that may help control all sorts of pathogens through increased biological activity.

Let’s all begin using more organic materials that are safer for our environment and that will give us healthier plants and turf grasses. The information given herein is for educational purposes only. References to commercial products or trade names is made with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and no endorsement by Texas Cooperative Extension is implied.

Arlin George, former Smith County Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Posted in Pests and Pesticides