I propagate figs to give to family and friends who enjoy this wonderful fruit.

Figs do not require pruning. However, if you notice that your fig tree is overgrown in one or more areas, wait until January to prune it back to where you want it.

After trimming limbs, take several small branches and cut 8-10 inches back from the terminal bud. Tie 5 or 6 of these cuttings into a small bundle. Plant these stems upside down in potting soil and cover with two inches of soil. Leave in soil until the last of April, at which time you will need to dig up and plant 4-6 inches deep in individual pots with cut end down. Place in a sunny spot and water occasionally. Soon leaves will appear. Plant early fall or in spring the following year after danger of frost is past.

These can be given to friends and family members for their enjoyment.

Gary L. Dobbs, Smith County Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

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