Fall Planting is Best…But Why?

  • The soil is warm and roots begin to grow really fast.
  • Because we have warm winters, roots grow all winter.
  • We get more rain (usually) in winter and the moisture is stored in the soil.
  • The first days of early spring (sometimes late winter) top growth begins.
  • By late spring, you have a nice large plant with an excellent root system.

Such a plant can take much more summer heat and drought because of its good, strong root system.

A spring planted perennial is only beginning to put down roots as the soil is still cold from winter and the plant is used to a nice warm greenhouse. So…you get a free year of growth so to speak, and a larger, healthier plant to enjoy. Many times there are sales on perennials in fall too, another nice bonus!

Dee Bishop, Smith County Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Posted in Seasonal Gardening Prep