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Heritage Rose Garden

The American Rose Society classes as “old” any rose introduced before 1867. But most collectors are more lenient, considering as eligible any rose 75 or more years old, which also exhibits old rose characteristics (fragrance and landscape adaptability) .With this in mind, The Gertrude Windsor Garden Club decided to enhance the existing Lions Club Sensory … […]

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Earthkind Roses

It’s said that there are only two kinds of people: Those who grow roses and those who wish they did! The Earthkind rose program is for everyone, even those with the proverbial black thumb. To earn the Earthkind designation, a rose must perform very well (note: very well not just well) with a minimum of … […]

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Drying Roses

It is difficult to think about preserving roses when they are in full bloom. However, that’s the ideal time to start. Preserving roses is so easy to do and definitely very gratifying. Dried flower arrangements are a great way to display your flowers when fresh flowers aren’t available. And dried flower arrangements make memorable gifts … […]

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