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DWARF MAGNOLIA Did you know there is a dwarf magnolia? Little Gem magnolia is an award winning dwarf variety of the traditional Southern Magnolia. Because it is smaller, it can be used in spaces where a full-size southern magnolia would be crowded and overwhelming. This dwarf magnolia is slow growing to 30-35 feet while the … […]

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Japanese Maples

JAPANESE MAPLES IN EAST TEXAS! Every home garden needs at least one Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) especially selected as a specimen plant for a “show” spot. There is so much information about these gorgeous trees that it is impossible to cover it all. So, I will give you enough to whet your appetite! Most Japanese … […]

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HOLLIES PROVIDE COLOR FOR THE WINTER LANDSCAPE We all look forward to the arrival of spring and the explosion of color in the landscape, but most of us don’t expect the approaching winter season to provide much color. In fact, it’s a time for dormancy and, therefore, a period of drab surroundings. Or is it? … […]

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HYDRANGEAS BRIGHTEN LANDSCAPE One plant that stands out all summer with vivid color is the Hydrangea. In shaded areas, its large blooms of white, pink, or blue will outshine all others. The most common variety in our area is the French Hydrangea. Easy to grow in rich, moist soil, it has a large, mounding shape … […]

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Trees And Shrubs Index

** CLICK ON THE ABOVE TITLE [TREES AND SHRUBS INDEX]  TO SEE THE SEARCHABLE INDEX ** Be a Master Gardener Be a Master Gardener Trees Blooming Trees Chinese Fringe Flower Dogwoods Dogwoods of Hideway Espalier an Urban Orchard Fall Tree Planting Flowering Dogwoods Fringe Flower Ginkgo Ginkgo Biloba Helping Drought-Stress Hollies For Winter Color Holly: … […]

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AZALEA TIME DOWN SOUTH East Texas is blessed with the climate and soil to grow azaleas, one of the brightest of plants. As a sub species of the rhododendron family, it has adapted to our mild winters and warm summers. The acidic, sandy soils of east Texas are ideal for this prolific bloomer. Nurserymen have … […]

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Rose Care

SUMMER ROSE CARE To ensure the repeated bloom and vigorous growth of roses in your landscape, proper care must be provided. Timely fertilizer and pesticide applications, adequate water and proper pruning will keep them healthy and blooming. Fertilize your plants every six to eight weeks with a complete fertilizer formulated for roses, making the last … […]

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Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

The Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (Brunsfelsia pauciflora) bush is unique, beautiful and native to the Brazilian woodlands. I have seen this plant for several years and have been totally intrigued at the three colors on the same plant at the same time. I did not know what it was called, and only found out at … […]

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Winter Honeysuckle

The fragrance of the blooms of winter honeysuckle is usually why most people grow this large, arching shrub. Its botanical name, Lonicera fragrantissima , even denotes the sweet lemony scent of the tiny white blooms that appear anytime from January until the beginning of March. Birds love the red berries that appear after the blooms … […]

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Vitex Or Chaste Tree

Chaste tree has a long and interesting history. For thousands of years, it has been used to promote celibacy, and treat PMS and infertility. The berries were used as a substitute for pepper. Medical uses, particularly in Europe, continue. Because of its abundant spires of blue to purple flowers, Vitex was used as a replacement … […]

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