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Vines For Shade And Color

Vines can be a lovely addition to your yard. They offer shade, screen and shelter. Many have colorful blooms; some have a lovely fragrance. Some will even provide edible fruit. Train vines on a fence or trellis for screening purposes, or shade a patio or an arbor with them. Vines are particularly useful in an … […]

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Texas Sage

Texas sage is very drought resistant, which makes it worth considering after experiencing our hot summers. It is a good choice for a corner of the yard not easily reached by watering systems. It needs good drainage and likes full sun, but will stand a little shade. It is tolerant of poor soils and has … […]

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Unusual Specimen Trees and Shrubs

Do you have the perfect spot aesthetically for a Japanese Maple tree but the location is way too hot? Try planting a Loropetalum (Loropetalum chinense) aka Plum Delight or Fringeflower, instead. Just choose a “leggy” specimen, pick the strongest looking stem/stems for the trunk and trim away the others, shaping it as it grows. You … […]

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Evergreen Shrubs For Color

The trees in East Texas can be breathtaking in the fall, especially when sunshine brings out their brightest colors. But what can we plant in beds under those shade trees that will color our world through all the seasons of the year? A few well-chosen shrubs can do that, and many will feed the birds … […]

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Do you have a sago palm that has some yellowing of the leaves? If so, I may have the solution. First, let’s talk a little about the sago. Its botanical name is Cycas revoluta. It is in the family Cycadaceae and is classified as a cycad. According to the Southern Living Garden Book, it is … […]

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Last Christmas I received two beautiful Rosemary topiaries in the shape of Christmas trees. I planted them in clay pots and placed them by my front door where there is plenty of sunshine. Their leaves are so aromatic that my guests feel welcome before I can even open the door. I picked up a few … […]

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Pyracantha, Firethorn

Cardinals, wrens, cedar waxwings and other birds which winter in northeast Texas are attracted to the clustered red berries of Pyracantha coccinea, or “scarlet firethorn.” Allowed to grow freely, this evergreen shrub will also furnish nesting space, but Pyracantha’s principal value to urban gardeners is its ability to grow in narrow spaces. Espaliered, or trained … […]

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PRUNING PRINCIPLES Looking around East Texas this year, you will no doubt see trees that are pruned in several ways. How a tree is pruned will greatly affect the growth form, vigor, and stability of the tree. Two common types of pruning are thinning out and topping. Topping is not a recommended practice. In fact, … […]

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Gardenia Propagation

Take tip shoot cuttings when you groom and shape you plant in the spring and summer. The cuttings should be about five inches long. Plant them in a soil mixture of equal parts of sand and peat. And keep them at a temperature of about seventy five degrees. It will take the cuttings four to … […]

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Pomegranates: Foliage, Flowers, Fruit

Pomegranates form small ornamental trees or shrubs 6-10 feet tall with a spread of 3-5 feet. They are deciduous in our area and should be planted in a sunny exposure with shelter from a cold north wind. The plant is self-fertile. Pomegranates offer color and diversity to any landscape: narrow leaves open bronze before turning … […]

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