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Trees In The Winter Landscape

An often-overlooked landscaping opportunity is the impact that attractive tree bark can have in a garden setting. Planning a landscape should include trees that can be used to create small, interesting scenes even without leaves. A stroll through the woods on a mild winter day can awaken ideas that help to create such garden settings. … […]

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Blooming Trees

Trees are the most important element in our landscape. Research must be done before selection to determine their mature size and growth needs. Locate trees to maximize their beauty and also the shade they provide to your yard. Shade on your home can reduce the temperature inside the house by 20 degrees or more. Deciduous … […]

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Sweet Olive

How tantalizing, seductive and elusive Sweet Olive is – elusive because the fragrance of its flowers can be experienced several hundred feet from the plant. No wonder it’s a favorite in old southern gardens. Even through Sweet Olive (Osmanthus fragrans) is a marginal plant in the colder parts of Zone 8, it can be managed … […]

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Unusual Specimen Trees and Shrubs

Do you have the perfect spot aesthetically for a Japanese Maple tree but the location is way too hot? Try planting a Loropetalum (Loropetalum chinense) aka Plum Delight or Fringeflower, instead. Just choose a “leggy” specimen, pick the strongest looking stem/stems for the trunk and trim away the others, shaping it as it grows. You … […]

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Trees For Small Places

Ever need a tree for a small area or as an accent and not know which ones will grow in East Texas? Listed below are several good choices that will also add color to your landscape. If the nursery does not have a tree in stock that you are looking for, all of them will … […]

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Protect Your Small Trees

Small trees in a home setting can have significant advantage over their wild cousins in terms of moisture, nutrients and position of importance. But they can also have significant disadvantages, including abuse by mowers and weed trimmers and competition from turf grass for the available water and nutrients. Many of us, because of aesthetic preference … […]

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Shantung Maple

I have been told that there is not a perfect tree, but if you have a space that requires a small to medium tree, a Shantung Maple (Acer truncatum) seems to be as near perfect as they get. It is native to northern China and will reach a mature height of 25 to 30 feet … […]

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Good Shade Trees

When days are hot and muggy, we want shade trees now – not in 20 years. Fast growth, however, is only one of many factors to consider when choosing a shade tree. A good rule to follow is to purchase your tree from a reputable nursery with well-trained employees. Consider whether the tree is strong, … […]

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DWARF MAGNOLIA Did you know there is a dwarf magnolia? Little Gem magnolia is an award winning dwarf variety of the traditional Southern Magnolia. Because it is smaller, it can be used in spaces where a full-size southern magnolia would be crowded and overwhelming. This dwarf magnolia is slow growing to 30-35 feet while the … […]

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PRUNING PRINCIPLES Looking around East Texas this year, you will no doubt see trees that are pruned in several ways. How a tree is pruned will greatly affect the growth form, vigor, and stability of the tree. Two common types of pruning are thinning out and topping. Topping is not a recommended practice. In fact, … […]

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