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Have you ever wanted those jumbo caladiums but not the jumbo price? Well, by doing a simple process called de-eying, you can achieve that desire.

First, find the main eye on the bulb. This will take a little while on the first few, but then you will be a pro. Look for the eye at the hairiest part of the bulb and, with a potato peeler, nick the pink eruption out.

Next, plant your bulbs (after de-eyeing) in small pots (4") about March 1st. Keep indoors and keep evenly moist. You should see leaves in about 5 to 6 weeks.

When all danger of frost is past, plant outside and enjoy their shade-loving beauty all spring, summer and fall.

This process will also work with small elephant ear bulbs.

Lisa Weems, Smith County Master Gardener
Texas AgriLife Extension Service

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