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Hummingbirds are among our most beautiful garden inhabitants. "Hummers' are easy to attract.

There are many varieties of hummingbird feeders at your favorite garden store. The preferred nectar is a mixture of 4 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar, heated for three minutes in your microwave and stirred until the sugar is dissolved and cooled.

Store the excess in the refrigerator and change every four days to prevent souring, cleaning the feeder each time nectar is added. Prepared nectar is available at stores.

Place the feeders where you can easily see them, about 5 feet off the ground. Flowers - Hummers love nectar from these East Texas flowers: foxglove, cardinal flowers, salvias, snapdragons, Turk's cap, trumpet vines, wild columbine, red iris, lilies and many others. Red is their favorite blossom color.

Hummers vary on when they arrive usually March or April, and leave in October or November.

Mac McKennon, Smith County Master Gardener
Texas AgriLife Extension Service

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