There are several trees found in the East Texas landscape that should be noted for their colorful fall foliage. Some characteristics of the trees have been provided to help identify them.

Sweet gum - large tree star-shaped leaves; fall color is yellow to red-orange; spiny "fruit"-' drops by mid-fall.

Shumard, Northern Red Oak - these trees are very similar and hard to distinguish; very desirable large shade trees; fall colors are red to red-orange.

Bald Cypress - fern-like foliage turns coppery bronze in fall making bald cypress a highly prized tree in the landscape.

Flowering Pear - one of the first trees to bloom in spring; its leaves turn orange to red-orange for fall.

Chinese Pistache - considered a nearly perfect tree; spectacular to red-orange fall color.

Mary Ann Rogers, Smith County Master Gardener

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