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If you're planning your landscape for color, beauty and food for the birds, try making native or adapted plants part of the picture. Here are some interesting plant options.

  • Staghorn Sumac - from the Cashew family of plants, it turns bright scarlet in autumn and has small clusters of small red, one-seeded fruits. These make beautiful additions to dried flower arrangements. The dried leaves and roots have also been powdered and used in tanning and dying.
  • Common Myrtle - an evergreen shrub with shiny leaves, small fragrant white flowers and aromatic black berries. The Myrtle was considered sacred to Venus and was used as a symbol of love.
  • Huckleberry bush - found wild in areas of East Texas, this bush makes small blue-black edible berries that are good for cobblers and jelly. And birds love them.
  • Bear-grass - from the yucca or agava family, it has grass-like foliage with white flowers.
  • American Beauty Berry - sometimes called French Mulberry, it makes a row of bright purplish berries in the fall that birds love.

    Doris Waits, Smith County Master Gardener
    Texas AgriLife Extension Service

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