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logoGardening Tips For Northeast Texas - Trees, Shrubs and Vines
Written by Smith County Master Gardeners

Be a Master Gardener

Be a Master Gardener


Blooming Trees
Chinese Fringe Flower
Dogwoods of Hideway
Espalier an Urban Orchard
Fall Tree Planting
Flowering Dogwoods
Fringe Flower
Ginkgo Biloba
Helping Drought-Stress
Hollies For Winter Color
Holly: Possumhaw
Holly: Nellie R. Stevens
Japanese Maples in Texas
Japanese Maples Seed
Japanese Maples
Magnolia Dwarf
Magnolia Seeds
Mexican White Oak
Make A Specimen Tree
Plant a Tree Now
River Birch
Royal Star Magnolia
Selecting Trees for Fall Color
Specimen Trees
Shantung Maple
Trees for Fall Color
Trees for Small Places
Trees: How To Plant
Trees/Shrubs: Planting
Trees: Planting Bareroot
Trees In A Wet Area
Trees: Shade
Trees: Winter Interest
Vitex or Chaste Tree
Yoshino Cherry Tree


Allamanda Cathartica
Angel's Trumpet
Azalea Time
Azalea Care
Azalea Care
Azaleas of Your Own
Azaleas: Late-Blooming
Azaleas: Roots
Best Screening Hedges
Butterfly Bush
Camellias, Propagation
Camellias, Transplanting
Chinese Fringe-Flower
Dieback On Camellias
Evergreen Shrubs for Color
Encore Azaleas
Fragrant Shrubs
Gardenias, Propagation
Hydrangeas: Colorful
Hydrangeas: Beautiful
Hydrangeas: Care of
Hydrangeas: Drying
Hydrangeas: Hardy
Hydrangeas: Oak Leaf
Hydrangeas: Oak Leaf
Hydrangeas: Pruning
Hydrangeas: Pruning
Hydrangeas: Live/Dried
Hydrangeas: Propagating
Hydrangeas: Prune Bigleaf
Large Shrubs
Leatherleaf Mahonia
Lilacs for Texas
Nandinas: Pruning
Ornamental Grasses
Pyracantha, Firethorn
Red-Tipped Photinia
Sweet Olive
Texas Sage
Virginia Sweetspire
Winter Honeysuckle
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Conk Fungus
Christmas Tree Care
French Drain by Oak
Killing Suckers
Leaf Diseases
Living Christmas Tree
Native Plants
Pick Christmas Tree
Pick Christmas Tree
Protect Small Trees
Pruning Principles
Pruning Tips
Pruning Flowering Trees/Shrubs
Pruning Plum Trees
Sago Secret
Transplanting Plants
Vines for Shade & Color

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