Use your digital camera to record plants, landscape, garden decor, layouts, and other features you see and might want to incorporate someday. Take it with you when visiting nurseries, arboretums, garden yard tours, museums, and anywhere you might find things of interest. Keep them on a separate memory card and place in an envelope when full and place in a “To Plant” notebook with a ledger giving picture number, name of item, description, care and environment requirements, along with why or where you are thinking about placing the item.

With this information in hand, when time comes to build your next garden area, review your “To Plant” notebook and pick the items desired and proceed to draw your layout.

Having your own notebook with pictures of items you like will help achieve the look desired. In addition, by having information on the chosen items, your time spent to pick the correct item for the correct location is made easier.

Clayton Turner, Smith Count Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

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