During times of global conflict, Americans have risen to the call for support of our troops in many ways. One of the best known was “The Victory Garden.” Across the United States, Canada and the free world, homeowners and apartment dwellers alike, planted garden plots and pots filled with vegetables. Designed to use up great stores of seed and to provide food and jobs for homecoming soldiers, The Victory Garden ultimately allowed citizens a chance to proclaim support for those fighting for our freedom and foreshadowed victory for the Allied Forces.

September 11, 2001, America was again pushed into a war – the war against terrorism. As the tragic events steal their way into the nightmares of all Americans, we search for ways to cope, ways to help those who are suffering. We ache with the need to show support, not only for those lost in the horrible tragedy, for the searchers who risk their lives, for the families of those lost, but also for those overseas who must deal with ever-shifting dangers.

It is time for Americans to unite and stand as one against those who would destroy our security. In the spirit of generations before us, we can show our support with an “Honor Garden.” Designed to honor those lost, those searching and fighting to keep America free, fill flower beds, pots and window planters with red, white and blue flowers. Waves of red, white and blue flowers made up of bluebonnets, dianthus, petunias, periwinkles and others, will proclaim our love of flag and country. Perennial plantings of roses, salvia, dianthus and other flowers will advertise that America is a country of honor and unity. Whether in waves, mass plantings or small mailbox gardens, red, white and blue flowers shall proclaim hat we are still free and our spirit will not be extinguished.

Amy Moser, former Smith County Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

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