The two-liter soda bottle can be of great use in your garden, either by protecting young plants from the cold or as a protection when you spray weed killer in your flower or vegetable bed.

By cutting off the bottom of the plastic soda bottle and removing the lid, you can cover young seedlings for protection until danger of cool weather is past. You can also save the plastic bottle for later use.

The bottle can also be used as a shield when you are spraying. If you want to spray a herbicide on a specific weed, you can place the bottle (with its bottom cut out) over the weed and spray into it, thereby protecting other nearby vegetation. Or you can use it to protect plants while spraying herbicide all around them.

It’s wise not to save plastic bottles used for herbicide, however, because you don’t want to reuse one that has had herbicide on it.

Carrol Hardin, former Smith County Master Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

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