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Fall Garden Chores

In Texas with its lovely fall weather, it is hard to think of preparing our flower beds and garden for winter. However, it is easier to start now than doing it on a cold day or even trying to do in spring when you are wanting to plant. Having an established plan will make gardening … […]

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Miscellaneous Tips Index

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Overwintering Plants

We always have plants that are special which we hope to carry through the colder parts of the winter. Sometimes just keeping frost off is enough, sometimes keeping the ground from freezing (have we had to worry in years?), or protecting pots of plants all winter is our goal. Here are some things I have … […]

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Program Speakers

Master Gardeners of Smith County are available to present a program to your group. If you are the program chairperson of a garden club, community club, civic club or church group and you want someone to speak to your group about shrubs, perennials, annuals, trees, turf or any other gardening subject, call on the Master … […]

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Scrapbooking and Gardening

A great way to enjoy your garden is to combine photos and journaling. If you take pictures of your garden each month throughout the year, you can watch it grow and change with the seasons. By putting your pictures into a scrapbook and recording pertinent information, you will have a great record to refer to … […]

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Record Keeping

Good record keeping can be beneficial to a gardener in many ways. It will help you remember where you planted that special perennial and when to expect its reemergence. Journals will also remind you of a plant that was not successful so that you will not repeat planting it in the same location. Over a … […]

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Neighborhood Garden

An inspiration, or idea, garden need not be a city project or a Master Gardener project, but can simply be a wonderful way to improve your neighborhood and make new friends in the process. Do you have an unsightly lot in your subdivision or a less-than-attractive entrance? What a nice way to improve your neighborhood … […]

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Uses For Two Liter Bottles

The two-liter soda bottle can be of great use in your garden, either by protecting young plants from the cold or as a protection when you spray weed killer in your flower or vegetable bed. By cutting off the bottom of the plastic soda bottle and removing the lid, you can cover young seedlings for … […]

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Plant Protection

Are your garden plants ready for a deep chill, possibly 5 degrees? Every ten to fifteen years East Texas gets a bitter cold wave like Christmas of ’83 when temperatures plunged to almost zero. The plans you make now can help protect your plants. Choices for plants extremely sensitive to freezing are limited: move the … […]

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Gardening Resolutions

I will make gardening enjoyable and rewarding. I will try new vegetable and flower varieties recommended for our area. I will get the soil analyzed with a soil test. I will compost the yard waste. I will use chemicals only when necessary and in the proper amount. I will not plant more than I can … […]

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