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  ** CLICK ON THE ABOVE TITLE [FLOWERS INDEX] TO SEE THE SEARCHABLE INDEX **   Be a Master Gardener Be a Master Gardener Annuals Amaryllis Care Amaryllis, Blooms Twice Amaryllis for Winter Color Bluebonnets Bougainvillea Caladiums: Make Jumbo Castor Beans Choosing Poinsettias Colored Annuals Container Annuals Old Garden Dahlias Dahlias: Winter Storage Deadheading Dutch … […]

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Bulb Care

┬á BULB CARE #1 In the spring, gardeners are more than ready for a big show, and the spring-flowering bulbs are an important part of that show. But bulbs are busy year round and have a special need during each season of the year. The fall is the proper time to plant your bulbs to … […]

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Winter Color

HELLEBORES (LENTEN ROSE) FOR WINTER COLOR Winter color in the garden is a desire of all avid gardeners. Hellebores, also known as Lenten Rose, are a wonderful addition to the shade garden. These are long-lived plants that bloom late winter or early spring. There are many varieties with color ranges from purple, red, near black, … […]

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Winter Arrangements

Taking a quick look over your garden during the chilly winter months, you might think there’s not much to see. But look again. There’s really quite a bit of beauty out there, especially if you bring it indoors. All those dried seedpods, sweet gum pods, rose hips, flower heads, berries, acorns, ornamental grasses, and broken … […]

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Know Your Seedlings and Weedlings

Have you ever thought of the jungle your yard would be if everything you ever planted was still alive and growing? Most of us would need a machete to cut our way through it. But what about all those little seedlings coming up in our flower beds that we pluck out unknowingly when weeding, simply … […]

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Window Boxes

WONDERFUL WINDOW BOXES As you plan this year’s garden, consider adding some window boxes. A charming window box is a small garden placed above the ground, on a window or porch ledge. In older, foreign cities it is common to see three- and four-story houses graced with well-tended, colorful window boxes. Many homes in America … […]

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PLANTING YOUR OWN WILDFLOWERS Are you enticed by the lavish meadows of wildflowers that appear each Spring along our highways? Why not create a meadow of your own in your backyard. Here are a few simple steps to ensure success in growing wildflowers. In the East Texas area, the best time to sow your seed … […]

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MEET THE LOVELY AFRICAN VIOLET African violets have long been favorite house plants. By understanding their basic and simple cultural needs, they will grow and bloom for a long time. Light: Several hours of sun daily or artificial grow lights are needed for healthy plants. Too much sun turns foliage yellow and causes the leaf … […]

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This old-fashioned perennial is a wonderful addition to the garden. Veronica comes in a variety of colors, but the most common one is the large-spiked ‘Sunny Border Blue’ and the ground cover ‘Waterperry Blue.’ Other varieties available are ‘Red Fox,’ ‘White Icicle,’ ‘Blue Charm,’ ‘Georgia Blue,’ and ‘Pink.’ Veronica blooms from March through September, but … […]

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The summer of 1998, with its high daily temperatures, has been a test of many gardeners’ perseverance. We watched as our flowering plants faded, wilted, and even died. With water restrictions or voluntary control of water use, our plants very likely didn’t get as much water as we would have preferred. Even so, some plants … […]

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