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Propagating Roses

Ā  PROPAGATING OLD GARDEN ROSES BY CUTTINGS Of all flowers, the rose is considered the most loved. Our ancestors felt the same, because they took their roses with them when they moved and shared them with family and friends. We now call these roses “Old Garden Roses” or “Antique Roses.” And, as your ancestors would … […]

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Rose Care

SUMMER ROSE CARE To ensure the repeated bloom and vigorous growth of roses in your landscape, proper care must be provided. Timely fertilizer and pesticide applications, adequate water and proper pruning will keep them healthy and blooming. Fertilize your plants every six to eight weeks with a complete fertilizer formulated for roses, making the last … […]

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Edible Plants

EDIBLE FLOWERS#1 Most herb flowers have a taste that is similar to their leaves, but spicier. The use of edible flowers is not new; flower cookery has been traced back to Roman times. Today, many restaurant chefs garnish their entrees with flower blossoms for a touch of elegance. To use the flowers, harvest the blossoms … […]

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Earthkind Roses

EARTHKIND ROSES It’s said that there are only two kinds of people: Those who grow roses and those who wish they did! The Earthkind rose program is for everyone, even those with the proverbial black thumb. To earn the Earthkind designation, a rose must perform very well (note: very well not just well) with a … […]

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Robust Roses

Old roses, the antiques, are tough. They come to us from the days before water hoses and pesticides and will survive a lot of neglect. When they are not in bloom, which is not often, they are attractive shrubs, as they have a fairly dense form and good foliage. I strongly recommend the following four … […]

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Roses Twelve Months a Year

In a region where roses are grown so extensively and successfully, one has frequent reminders of their enchanting beauty, fragrance and variety. There are many ways to enjoy them even after cold weather has ended their bloom and confined most gardeners to the indoors. Try the following ideas for capturing and conserving the beauty and … […]

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Pruning a Rose

February, being at the end of the dormant season and when growth buds begin to swell, is the recommended time to prune our roses. Of course, roses are shaped during the growing season, but pruned significantly in February around Valentine’s Day. Pruning promotes a shower of flowers in the spring from new growth. Pruning requires … […]

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Pruning Roses

Roses require some special care, and pruning is one of the principal points in rose maintenance. All roses need some type of pruning; for example, removing diseased or dead canes. This can be done at any time during the year. If they are not pruned for a number of years, the plants deteriorate in appearance, … […]

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Powdery Mildew on Roses

One of the most common problems with roses in East Texas is the fungus powdery mildew. This is a plant pathogen known as an obligate parasite that can grow and reproduce only on or in a living host. Sphaerotheca pannosa var.rosa, or powdery mildew, can infect any green tissue, so it may be found on … […]

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Pass-Along Roses

Quality roses are readily available in Tyler area nurseries; however, having a rose bush that you started from a cutting from the garden of a much-loved relative or friend gives that rose special meaning for you. Propagating roses from cuttings isn’t difficult, and you will be rewarded with a rose that you will always treasure. … […]

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