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Sun-Tolerant Ferns

Feathery ferns are a favorite addition to many of our shade gardens and add a “wispiness” no other plant can match. We often see them growing naturally under trees, combined with azaleas, impatiens and other moisture-loving plants. But while most ferns need shade and high humidity to survive our long summers, there are two common … […]

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Spring Ground Cover

Early spring is a good time to tend to the plants we typically use as ground covers or borders for our planting beds. A little shaping up now will have them looking good for the growing season. Liriope and monkey grass can be cut back now with your lawn mower set on high or with … […]

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Plumbago (Leadwort) (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) is not only pretty, but also a reliable groundcover. It will grow in a rock garden, between rocks in a wall or on a difficult-to-landscape bank. It enjoys being in full sun and partial shade alike, but performs best in ground that is somewhat moist. It has dark-green, diamond shaped leaves … […]

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Blue Liriope

Big Blue or giant liriope look great around the base of a shade tree. They become more of a focal point than a groundcover, especially alternated with giant variegated liriope or even regular-sized variegated or green liriope. If you want to extend the bed, making a wider radius, start with a center circle or two … […]

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Holly Fern

For a great addition to your part-shade garden in Northeast Texas, try the holly fern (Cyrtomium falcatum). How great is it? Consider this: It has presence. This isn’t a dainty fern – its substantial fronds with glossy, holly-like texture make a mounded fountain with a mature size of 2-3 ft. high and 3-4 ft. wide. … […]

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Groundcover Solution

Much of East Texas has wonderful moist bottomland forests with tall sweetgums, red maples, and river birches providing dense shade. However, such a situation can create problems if the soil has areas of clay with poor drainage. Most groundcovers, even ferns, do not thrive in such areas, and most ornamental grasses need more sun and … […]

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Grass Alternatives

Winter is a very good time to look objectively at your yard and plan ahead for “greener” months. For example, you may be struggling to grow lawn grass in difficult or shady areas. Consider using a groundcover to add interest to your landscape while also reducing your lawn maintenance requirements. There are several things to … […]

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Groundcovers For Pleasing Cover Up

Bare spots in a landscape are unnecessary and if you chose the right ground cover, you will be happy to find your maintenance problems are over. If the area is sunny and not in a traffic lane, consider any of the trailing or creeping junipers. They are evergreen and come in a variety of heights … […]

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