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Plant Care Tips

Tip 1: I have several African Violets in my kitchen window. When I rinse milk glasses and containers, I use the rinse to water my violets. They seem to flourish and bloom frequently. Tip 2: When my geraniums need watering, I add water to leftover coffee. This makes them thrive; at least until the summer … […]

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Ric Rac Cactus

My grandmother always kept a giant ric-rac plant on her porch in the summer and in the guest bedroom for the winter. Everyone who wanted one got a cutting off of it. Mine has been moved in and out many winters and every time I re-situate it for the warm weather I’m reminded of Mimi. … […]

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Selecting House Plants

House plants are a great source of pleasure when we are unable to garden outdoors during the winter months, as well as adding to the overall decor of a home. Placing house plants in the proper location will add to your growing success. Listed below are plants and locations where they will grow best. East … […]

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Soil Polymers

There are several potting soil companies adding polymers to their premixed potting soil these days. While they are certainly convenient, they are also more expensive. If you purchase potting soils designated for a special purpose such as violets, orchids or cactus that do not contain polymers, you can purchase soil polymers at most nurseries and … […]

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Staghorn Fern

Do you love ferns? Do you love rare plants? Then you should consider a common staghorn fern. The botanical name is Platycerium (broad horn) bifurcatum (twice-forked). This name is an exact physical description of the fronds. This fern is an epiphyte. Some sources say an epiphyte is a plant that grows on another plant but … […]

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Succulent Wreath

A succulent is a plant that has the ability to store up water for long periods of time thus making it not only drought hardy but able to survive some neglect. I’ve been working on a collection that lives in baskets and clay pots near the entrance to my home. The baskets work like a … […]

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Venus Fly Trap

We’ve all heard of the Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula), but to many of us, it seems a bit mysterious. Is there really a carnivorous plant that “eats” flies? Well, there isā€¦, but don’t throw away your fly swatter just yet. The Venus Fly Trap has mystified scientists and botanists worldwide. Early scientists believed the … […]

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My favorite houseplant is the heart-leafed philodendron, Philodendron oxycardium, perhaps because it is so forgiving and thrives on so little care — as all of my houseplants must do to survive. Or maybe because it has a special relationship with one of my favorite movies, Mutiny on the Bounty. In 1793, Captain William Bligh — … […]

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Potting Houseplants

Houseplants can’t stay healthy in the same containers indefinitely. When the roots fill the pot or the soil dries out very quickly, it is time to move the plant to a larger container. This is known as potting-on. The first step is to find another pot about 2-3 inches wider in diameter. If you are … […]

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