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Bermuda Grass

Follow these steps to establish a new Bermuda Grass lawn in a sunny area of your yard. Common bermuda is a good variety to choose as it has a low maintenance requirement, survives on little water, and can be established from seed. Hulled seed will germinate quicker and can be sown as soon as soil … […]

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St Augustine Grass

The first thing to do is have the soil from your lawn area tested, which will tell you what kind of fertilizer to use and whether you need to apply lime to your soil. Contact the County Extension office (903-535-0885) for soil testing information. Using the fertilizer information from your soil test, apply your first … […]

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Fall Lawn Care

FALL LAWN CARE#1 Care of your lawn in the fall is as important as in spring and summer. Regular care is the key to an attractive and healthy lawn through the fall and winter months. Here are few things you can do to help your lawn survive the winter and recover vigorously in the spring. … […]

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