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One day we saw what we thought was a very small hummingbird on our lantanas. We had no idea we were seeing, for our first time, a Hummingbird Moth. We moved from the Tyler area to central Texas where we had a large bed of four o’clocks. We had a half dozen little “bugs” flying … […]

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Vegetables in Containers

VEGETABLES IN YOUR CONTAINERS Almost any plant you take a fancy to will live in a container. Why just grow beautifulflowers? Try your hand at vegetables. There are all colors, shapes and kinds ofvegetables that can be grown nicely in containers. Swiss Chard comes in varieties with white or red stems and beautiful greenleaves. Lettuce … […]

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Wide Row Planting

There is now a faster, easier, and far more productive way to garden, called wide-row gardening. Practicing wide-row gardening makes your garden space more efficient. Rows are made like blocks-one, two, three, or even four feet wide. Planting time is reduced because you broadcast seeds instead of placing each one individually. Weeding time is reduced … […]

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W.O.R.D. Vegetable Gardening

In years past, vegetable gardeners laid out their gardens in nice, neat, straight, narrow rows with a pathway between each row. Although this approach works, there’s another way that works much better: the W.O.R.D. method. W is for wide rows, O stands for organic methods, R is for raised beds, and D stands for deeply … […]

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Vegetable Garden Checklist

Summer is fast approaching and if you have decided to grow a garden, there are a few things to consider before getting started. Vegetables need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Are trees or buildings shading the garden area? If you are a first timer, a small area that can be enlarged later … […]

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Swiss Chard

Here’s an easy vegetable to grow in East Texas and is full of nutrients! Who is this delectable delight? It’s Swiss Chard, which should be planted in late winter and can also be sown through most of the year. Quite often a single planting can be harvested for well over a year or perhaps into … […]

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Starting Sweet Potatoes

The recommended planting dates for sweet potato slips in the Tyler area are April 1 to May 15. About 6 to 8 weeks before slips are to be planted, bury mature sweet potatoes in boxes or containers. Use a very light soil mix or sand. It should be easy to pull the slips out of … […]

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Storing Onions

Many city gardeners grow small quantities of onions in the spring, only to be faced with the question of how and where to store them. A great method that takes up almost no space is the “nylon hose” storage system. Take the leg of a sheer (the sheerer the better) lady’s nylon hose and drop … […]

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Spring Vegetables

If you haven’t tilled your garden and added compost or manure yet, it’s time to get it done. And, if you haven’t tested your soil in awhile, it would be a good idea to get a soil test done through the Smith County Extension office (535-0885). Soil in East Texas tends to be acid, so … […]

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Soil Temperature And Spring Planting

For optimum growth, all transplants and seeds need to be planted within a certain soil temperature range. Along with your calendar, a soil thermometer will help determine the proper planting time. Planting too early, before the soil has had time to warm up, can lead to seed rot, slowed germination, poor growth and disease. For … […]

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