Kid’s Gardening Resources

Kid’s Gardening Resources

There is a growing (no pun intended) number of web sites especially for kids, and of particular interest are sites dedicated to gardening with children.

Gardeners and horticulturists have intuitively known for a long time that kids love to garden, and gardening develops children in many different ways.

They learn the rhythms of nature, the character-building virtues of patience, responsibility, sharing, acceptance of loss, experience the joys of seeing planted seeds and bulbs sprout and eventually bloom, and many others. Gardening offers a vehicle to teach many things including: science, botany, ethnobotany, language, history, recycling (composting), math (calculating volumes, numbers of plants or seeds, weights, areas, etc.), agriculture, entomology, plant pathology, soils, and lots more.

As any gardener knows, cultivating plants is relaxing, exciting, and interesting!

Recently, studies have been undertaken to scientifically verify what we have known all along – that gardening is good for you.

These resources wil help adults and youth tap into resources on the web to make the most of gardening experiences for kids.

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Links to Sites With Children Gardening Emphasis and Related Subjects

Texas Aggie-Horticulture’s KinderGARDEN Site
Junior Master Gardener

4-H and Youth Horticulture – NC State
Arizona Youth Gardening

Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program – National Wildlife Federation
Children’s Gardening Books
Children’s Gardening Grants
Composting for Kids

Insects – Youth Educational Activities (Texas A&M)

Missouri Botanic Garden’s Kids Learning Network
More Projects, Products, and Grants for Children’s Gardening
KidsGardening – National Gardening Association
National Junior Horticultural Association
USDA for Kids (United States Dept. of Agriculture)
U.S. EPA Explorers Club
Give Water A Hand – for young people taking action in their community
Wisconsin Fast Plants – a science education program

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